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1946 W. 13th St. N.

Wichita, KS 67203



Monday - Saturday

10 AM - 5 PM



  • We are a full time clock repair shop. We can fix nearly any kind of clock, from antiques to modern, mechanical to quartz, weight driven or wind-up, and of course, cuckoo clocks. We offer free estimates on all clocks brought into the shop and all work is guaranteed.


  • We also provide in-home service calls:  Many clocks can be serviced at your home.  Housecalls typically include any clock that is too large to bring into the shop.  This would include Grandfather, Grandmother, or any large wall clock that can’t be easily transported.  Servicing your grandfather clock usually takes about 30 minutes and includes the trip to your house, disassembly of the clock, inspection, re-oiling, readjustment, and reassembly.  Please call us today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us at (316) 267-1925.


  • We have a store full of clocks for purchase:  At the Old  Time Clock Shop, we have literally hundreds of clocks for you to choose from!  From Wall, Mantle, and Grandfather, to Animated, Cuckoo, and Novelty, we’ve got that special clock you’re looking for.


  • We also buy clocks of all types. Please contact us for a offer. Thanks!


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